Why wander in unknown territory?

Why wander in unknown territory?

Image of light filtering through trees in a forest - by Sebastian Unrau on Unsplash

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I just took three solid days off - all I did was rock climb and hang out with beloveds, and it was great. I needed that time. Before I got back to my desk today, I took my grand dog, Oli, for a walk in the woods. We wandered off the trail and got a little lost, on purpose. Wandering in unknown territory in the woods is a lot like wandering in the unknown territory of our psyches. I think this is good for us because it helps us learn and grow. Letting go of the well-trodden trails and habits supports the development of neuroplasticity which helps us become more resilient and resourceful.

Here are three things that are helpful when we wander in unknown territory - whether it's a dark night of the soul, or an unexplored patch of wilderness:

  • Non-attachment to outcome (wandering without a destination in mind)
  • Willing to wade through awkwardness (crawl through underbrush)
  • A sense of self-connection (knowing your own limits)

These are all "muscles" you exercise when you are wandering. I hope you can find a patch of wilderness to explore, even a nearby park!

If you'd like to explore some unknown territory of the psyche (and eroticism) with me, please join me at this upcoming event... Touching the Mystery... you're certain to learn a new thing or two about yourself and about other humans - we'll all be wandering together.

I have extended the Early Bird pricing until March 6th - just for email subscribers!

Additionally, if you would like to attend the event but finances are an issue for you, PLEASE EMAIL ME - I have a way we can work it out.

March Event - Online - Touching the Mystery
Please join us for this two and a half hour experiential introduction to “transpersonal eroticism”. I know - it might just be the most woo woo thing you’ve ever done - and it might just change your life.

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Upcoming Events

Morning Erotic Practice for All Folks (online)
Join us for a 60-minute morning practice for people of all expressions. This practice will support you in staying more connected to your body, your pleasure, and your turn-on throughout your day, your week and your life!


April Cuddle Party - Louisville
Saturday, April 06, 2024 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm What is a Cuddle Party? Cuddle Party is … a Movement! It’s about compassion, affection and touch. We humans need touch and affection. It’s no longer a question. Nurturing, welcome consensual touch is good for you! Good for
PG-18 Play Party - Louisville
Saturday, April 06, 2024 7 pm to 10 pm Join us for a “PG-18 rated” celebration of touch, affection, play and consent. Like the afternoon cuddle party, you will be guided through a series of structured exercises, all designed to help you improve your skills and awareness for intimacy and
Natural Attraction - Eco-erotic Mini-Retreats at Dancing Shiva
Sunday April 14, Saturday May 11, and Sunday August 11 10 am to 5 pm Dancing Shiva Tantra Monastery, Black Mountain, NC Community potluck and fire to follow Overnight accommodations before or after the events are available at $45 per person per night, please email dancingshivatantra@gmail.com to reserve
Celebrating the Body Erotic - In Person Retreat in Kansas City
This is a transformational retreat for people of all gender expressions.


The Pleasure of Conscious Kink - May 2024 - A Tantric Healing Retreat
Join us for a weekend of play, pleasure and exploration to support your journey of erotic liberation and ecstatic embodiment.


Women Naked in the Woods Retreat
An in-person retreat of embodied sisterhood, connection, healing and soul exploration in nature and community.