Nourishing Events

Nourishing Events

Nettle soup and lentils with freshly picked violets and cream from our spring equinox dinner

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  • Which event is for you?

Welcome! If you're new to my newsletter and work, I'm glad you found your way here. I share stories, tips, principles, practices and content that are all intended to help you connect more deeply to your most soulful and authentic self, through the portals of sex, intimacy, love, eroticism, power dynamics, nature and play.

I love watching organisms of all kinds unfurl into more expanded versions of themselves. The above pictures are from my recent Spring Equinox Sadhana (spiritual practice). Thanks to all of you who sent prayer requests and support, it was a beautiful experience.

I have so many events coming up!

Too many? I don't think so. I'm excited about all of them! Although I think this might be IT for the year - I am not planning nearly as many events in the second half of the year.

Which one is most appropriate for you?

If you're wanting to lean into your erotic desires and curiosities, and learn more about your most essential nature, I encourage you to shop here for an event that will most nourish you. Find an event that is at your level and perhaps the closest to your comfort zone.

  • Are you ready to witness the nudity of others or would you prefer that clothes stay on?
  • Would you like an online event or in person?

Level 1 Spiciness 🌶️

If you just want to dip your toe in and stay fully clothed.

Level 2 Spiciness 🌶️🌶️

These events are fully clothed also, but will also explore erotic energy.

Level 3 Spiciness 🌶️🌶️🌶️

These events involve witnessing nudity.

Advanced Level of Spiciness 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️

This is a transformative initiation into a greatly expanded sense of eroticism, embodiment and new personal possibilities for intimacy and connection. Yes, there will be nudity. And yes, there will also be genital touch

Questions? I'd love to help you determine which event might be right for you. Just reply to this email.

Hope to see you in one of these circles soon.

Next week:

Domination & Submission: Using Personal Power Dynamics to Heal the Collective
Join us for a two hour online workshop in which we’ll explore personal power dynamics and their role in healing the collective shadow.

Also - I am so pleased to be sharing with you this event that my friends in Asheville are presenting - it's going to be an amazing opportunity for learning the reverent art of cock worship. Earlybird Discount ends on April 1st.

Touching the Pulse of God - Reclaiming Wisdom
An IN-PERSON Weekend Workshop (June 7-9) near Asheville, NC Touching the Pulse of God: Ecstatic Sexual Secrets for Men (and Those Who Love Them) with Sacred Intimate Kenneth Darby and Sex & Intimacy Coach Brad Amberheart A journey of discovery, reverence for men’s pleasure, and increased repertoire of practices that allow for more sexual aliveness. […]

Are you considering 1:1 Coaching?

Upcoming Events

Morning Erotic Practice for All Folks (online)
Join us for a 60-minute morning practice for people of all expressions. This practice will support you in staying more connected to your body, your pleasure, and your turn-on throughout your day, your week and your life!


Domination & Submission: Using Personal Power Dynamics to Heal the Collective
Join us for a two hour online workshop in which we’ll explore personal power dynamics and their role in healing the collective shadow.
April Cuddle Party - Louisville
Saturday, April 06, 2024 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm What is a Cuddle Party? Cuddle Party is … a Movement! It’s about compassion, affection and touch. We humans need touch and affection. It’s no longer a question. Nurturing, welcome consensual touch is good for you! Good for
PG-18 Play Party - Louisville
Saturday, April 06, 2024 7 pm to 10 pm Join us for a “PG-18 rated” celebration of touch, affection, play and consent. Like the afternoon cuddle party, you will be guided through a series of structured exercises, all designed to help you improve your skills and awareness for intimacy and
April Members Event - Office Hours with Sarah
Tuesday April 16th Join me for a free online Q & A sessions - for folks who are members of my mailing list.
Celebrating the Body Erotic - In Person Retreat in Kansas City
This is a transformational retreat for people of all gender expressions.


The Pleasure of Conscious Kink - May 2024 - A Tantric Healing Retreat
Join us for a weekend of play, pleasure and exploration to support your journey of erotic liberation and ecstatic embodiment.
Natural Attraction - Eco-erotic Mini-Retreats at Dancing Shiva
Sunday April 14, Saturday May 11, and Sunday August 11 10 am to 5 pm Dancing Shiva Tantra Monastery, Black Mountain, NC Community potluck and fire to follow Overnight accommodations before or after the events are available at $45 per person per night, please email to reserve


Women Naked in the Woods Retreat
An in-person retreat of embodied sisterhood, connection, healing and soul exploration in nature and community.


Discovering Your Body Erotic - In Person - Lexington, KY
July 27 &28, 2024 Join me for this clothes-on weekend workshop, in person in Lexington Kentucky!